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caffeine. have a great show. and the rest of the gang. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> good morning, today is monday november 19th. rockets are raining down on the israel/gaza border as both sides ramp up the attack. these are live pictures that you are looking at. is it possible for bill clinton to step in? >> steve: who changed the wheat white talking points of libya. taking terror out of the picture. the top inteleadmitted that something doesn't smell right here >> brian: they have no idea what you are wearing. hurricane damaged homes are so damaged that the city may not get a chance to tell the homeowners before plowing through. nice. "fox and friends", starts
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right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> steve: welcome to studio e. it is monday before thanksgiving. alyson is in for gretchen. you have a new hair cut? >> no, a new style. >> steve: brian and i find a picture in 17 magazine and take it to the person. >> brian: and you are storting the bieber as i can see this morning. they are so talented they can do anything. >> brian: i look at cap. that's what i perfect. did i mention there is war in the middle east? israel and gaza. >> they are on the brink. we are looking live at the israeli/gaza border. it is now day sixth of the israeli crisis. they are waiting for a word of a possible ground invasion as militants continue to attack
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israel. >> brian: leland bidder is live at one of the targets, a school . what is on tap today. >> it seems like more rockets are coming n we are one of the largest schools in southern israel and this one got hit. here in the united states we have snow days and here there is rocket days. no students were here. can you imagine what would happen when the rocket went through the cement ceiling and the scrap nel destroyed the bench where students would have been sitting had they been at school. thankfully they were not. one of the rockets that came in southern israel. some were intersepted and some were not. israeli air strikes continue to pound. the way you saw huge explosions all over the gaza strip.
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and weapons and infrastucture places that were targeted and also that got hit, a family home. 11 family members died in that. we are 100 palestinians dead inside of the gaz strip. half of those civilians, about half were militants along the israel/gaza border. they are now staring out at a lot of the israeli tanks. it is israeli infrantry getting ready for a ground invasion . it would come in the next 24 or 48 hours. they would push in and try to occupy the land that is used to launch 1,000 rockets at israel. right now, in cairo, there is a seize- on cease-fire discussion. egyptian and turkishes and qataries are mediating it .
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the israelis are there and both sides want different thengs there. is a lot of pressure on the israelis to come up with a deal and now other arab donors to hamas in the islamic before we enter a ground invasion . that could mean more civilian casulties. and terps of israeli soldiers as well >> leland bidder from the zone over in israel. >> casey mcfar land said expect for monday for something to break. >> you mean the talk or battle. >> she ow thought with battle. first step in keeping twinkies alive. hostess will start selling off their assets. they make twinkies and on ho-hos and wonder bread. companies are interested in buying the businessment
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hostess had no choice but to close after striking union members refused to return to work. they lost everything thanks to sandy and now the few things they have left are about to be bull dozed to the ground. city of new york is bull dozing homes that are too damage to standment >> we have more strture damage and call the building department to come and reevaluate the structure. >> they have to rip it apart and i can't get it on out. so, i am stuck. >> the city is struggling to find homeowners lifing with family and friends and tell them about the demolition plan. brian, call your neighbors. walmart warning workers not to walk out on giant friday. they filed a complaint of the
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union of illegally organized strikes. workers demonstrated last week complaining of low wamings and high health care costs. they typeset to protest through black friday. walmart said there will be plenty of atf that day. fans have spoken. >> the american music award goes to. justin bieber. >> that's right. the bieb won top awart artist of the year and pop album and male artist. ♪ and check out carrie underwood blowing out with two black cadillacs. biggest surprise came in the
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end of the night. it is gangnam style. ♪ ♪ mc hammer and gangnam style. they thought it couldn't be done. they joined for the gangnam style. tell me you don't do those moves at home. >> steve: doesn't everybody. >> brian: if you are wearing the hammer pants. >> steve: how crazy is that. job well done. >> brian: i hope mc hammer is mot a good investors >> chris: he's lost everything a couple theimes. sunday talk shows it was clear that even though last week there was that white house press conference where members of the press asked many hard
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questions, there were not many. ed henry asked the question about benghazi. otherwise the white house press corp took a walk. on the sunday morning chat shows, on a bipartisan scale, members of both parties have to get to the bottom of who changed the white house talking points. susan rice went out and said something that was not true. >> brian: simple as this, soon as ambassador rice's name came up. it is full blown andesh is in to find out what the enteligence said within 24 hours of the 9/11 attack . on top of that. general petraeus find his way to the tunnels of the capitol building to testify behind closed doors and came out and said i knew in 24 hours it was al-qaida affiliated groups and he said i never said it wasn't. in the end. i don't know why the talking
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points came out different than i said that . meanwhile dianne feinstein and the republicans weighed in. >> gave the direction yesterday that the whole pcess is going to be checked out. we are going to find out who made changes in the original statement. >> what happened was, it was worked its way up through the system of the so-called talking points which everyone refers to and went up to the deputy's committee and what i found fascinating about the investigation and my role here in my mind was there an intelligence failure and if so how does it not happen again. it went through a committee that is appointed byacious - the appointees it changed. >> who is on the deputy's committee which no one heard of and who changed and
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expunged the word terrorism and ansar al sharia. some people are focused on the misleading message and others are focusod what is more important why security was not provided, given all of the warning signs in benghazi, even though it is from ambassador chris stevens. >> i believe the president more than anybody else. susan rice is a bit player. was he informed of the june attack on the consulate where they blew a hole where 40 people could go through. was he aware of the august 15th cable where stevens said we can't with stand a militia attack. i blame the president for making it a death trap and not having asset available. we need a select committee not only to look at intelligence failures but how could the
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department of defense not help these people over eight hours and ignore pleas for help. >> senator, good points. but regarding susan rice, john mccain said she has a lot of explaining to do. lindsay graham asked if he would filibuster her name and he said we'll have to see what happens. but john mccain. there she is now . she should go on the tv shows that she gave the false talking points and said i said stuff that was wrong and john mccain said that would be a good start for her. >> no one said they would not vote for her yet. but this is fundmentally what i got out of the sunday shows. why is it that the unclassified briefing that susan rice got different than the reality that the administration got? why can't we ever know the truth? unclassified briefing that different from the classified
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briefing? one is the right way and one the wrong way. do an unclassified victory fiction and unclassified nonfiction. >> steve: there was a general electionn coming up a lot of people on the right said it was a watergate style cover up the president of the united states had been down in charlotte and we heard about al-qaida was on the heels and it would not be helpful to his reelection if people saw al-qaida was alive and well and killing our people. >> that's the theory of why reference was spiked to terrorism and that's why they are trying to get to the bottom with the deputy's committee. >> brian: i can't believe you successfully covered up the straws in the background. she double fisted in the morning. she will not be passing out on our watch. >> steve: the war in the
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middle east. are we seeing the arab spring coming home to roost? >> then it is a family business no kid should be forced into. this dad accused of using an honor student to rob banks. >> brian: that is. >> steve: that is a home depo. ♪ ♪ i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] woer what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relf ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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nespresso. where there's a coffee to match my every mood. ♪ where just one touch creates the perfect cup. where every cappuccino and latte is made with fresh milk. ♪ and where clothing is optional. nespresso. what else? >> brian: new rocket attacks rocketeting the israeli-palestinian border right now. everyone is looking to egypt hoping the leaders can solve the mess. >> the egyptian have an
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interest in the region not exploding. they will have to take serious steps to make it clear to hamas they will lose support. >> egypt watch what you do and how you do it. you are teetering with the congress of having aid cut off if you continue to incite violence. >> brian: what about the arab democracy? our next guest is a former cia agent with the unit. michael, another conflict between the israelis and palestinians. and the center piece is gaza. what is different now? >> what is different now, america had invested in 50 years in tyranny to make sure israel was suppressed and the america protected. when arab spring came. people including senator graham predicted just a secular democracy and it was a
3:18 am
arab spring of secularism. people will turn in a time of turmoil to their faith or what they believed in for a thousand years. we have governments in libya where our people were killed and now in egypt that are going to support their breathern. >> brian: what is the best conclusion and best way to end. >> i am one that believes war should burn themselves out and not get involved in the middle of it. you get blamed by both side and it will start over again. i think it is a tragic mistake for us to be involved. we have no idea there. but let the thing take course. >> brian: would you go with ariol sharon's son which said the only resolve is to steam roll gaza? >> that is up to the israeli.
3:19 am
they don't right to exist. but they have a right to defen themselves. what the israelis are facing because of the arab spring they are not able to intimidate states. assad and mubarack they were intiminatable. now they have a insurgent type activity and that is. >> brian: get your read on this. who benefits from this is syria and spotlight . syria gets the spotlight off and iran makes the weapon program excel. >> but a lot of people are putting the iranians behind hamas on this. hamas is alienated themselves from the iranians and moved out of sir yampt hamas always would have preferred to work with sunni than shiia and now they have those people to work
3:20 am
with and all of the arms they want coming out of libya and tunisia after the arab spring. the reliance on the iranians is much less. >> brian: they sided with the syrian rebels and hesbollah sided with the syrian government. very complicated. great analysis. >> thank you, sir. >> brian: we move on on the run down. the camera was rolling in the moment of immingpact. >> look at that. >> brian: wow. the story behind the video next. candidate obama made this promise to the nation's heroes. >> no veteran should have to wait months or years for the benefits that you earned. >> brian: but the next guest said the president has not delivered. his story will blow you away. my friend told me about a great new way to get deals.
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>> brian: quick headlines. president obama decided against closing gitmo. he will not fight that fight despite promising to close it. fatal oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico. holy, look at that. >> brian: he's not talking about a fish. the tv crew captured the whole explosion friday on camera. they are expanding the search for the body of the last missing worker. dive teams found the body of the other missing worker on saturday. steve, ally. >> steve: four years ago candidate barack obama vowed
3:25 am
to get help for the veterans and end the backlog of knen fits claims. it was the same promise he made this past veteran's day. >> if you find yourselff struggling with the wounds of war and post traumatic stress or dramatic brain injury we'll be there with the care and treatment you need. no veteran should have to wait months or years for the benefits you have earned. we'll attack the claims backlog and we'll not let up. we will not let us. >> alisyn: despite the pledge, veterans waiting for claims has doubled and justin taylor served three wars in iraq. and like thousands of others waiting for help. he joins us live from charlotte. >> how are you doing? >> alisyn: you got out in 2009
3:26 am
and diagnosed with chrons disease . have complications anu tried to get an appointment in 2 you when you got out of the service. how on long did it take? >> two years. >> alisyn: what was the hold up? >> the actual hold up. i had an appointment six months old and they would call and cancel and they kept doing that over and over. >> steve: i know you reply on tri-care as many, many do. but in this case, when it comes to the va, there's such a gigantic backlog. you have been part of the system now. what is the matter with it? >> the system is completely broken. they can't take care of the influx of veterans coming back. they simply cannot handle it. >> alisyn: your sore store is incredible it took you two years to get an appointment.
3:27 am
do you just have bad luck or happening to your buddies. >> i would like to say i am a rare exception but they have to go to the lawyers or bother congressman or senators to get anything moving. >> steve: you say the system is overwhelmed because sewn - so many people are coming n does it look like the va is hiring more people or is this the new normal. >> this is the new normam. >> steve: why do you say that? >> there is no more money to hire people . they are not stream lining the systems . everything is on paper still. every time i go to the appointment. i have to take the stack of papers and show it to the doctor. >> steve: what is your message from the president of the united states who said he would do everything he can to help you. >> i would say fix this it should be fixed yesterday back in the vietnam era and it hasn't been fixed then.
3:28 am
>> alisyn: there are so many opportunities to get heroes like you the help they need. thank you for coming in and telling your story. >> steve: got to be better than that. next up on the run down. brand new details about a serial killer. is he hunting his victims based on the number 8? >> alisyn: a father accused of using honor student kid toz knock off 7 banks >> steve: and maybe a home depo. billy is 39 today . ♪ ♪ nearlyndestructible laptops,
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and the sustainable smart towns of the future. at panasonic, we're driven to make what matters most better. just another way we're engineering a better world for you.
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and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >> they don't appreciate the occasion. >> bond, james, bond. >> brian: back then and this is now. shout of the morning, they were about to watch the mutualy james bond when james bond himself showed up in
3:33 am
person. daniel craig was with the troops in afghanistan. i believe that's what he said. he got a tour with the camp and met with the shouldiers. and he looks like he is a member of the army. >> steve: that is awesome. >> alisyn: troops love those visits. >> brian: sky fall number one. >> steve: no, new twilight. >> brian: i bet my son that lincoln would be number one. >> alisyn: so how much are you out? >> brian: $50. from 5-$50 >> chris: you bet your son 50. >> brian: no, he had to pay me five. i wanted to make it >> steve: you lose a dollar and i lose 10? >> brian: yes. i do. >> alisyn: how was the shooting of twilight. >> brian: it was good. we laughed and cried. >> steve: it was better than cats. >> alisyn: we have a lot of news to tell you about. f.b.i. and nypd are hunting for a serial killer.
3:34 am
he was is wanted forly murders. detectives are looking into several motives that said the man has a fascination with numberology. they want to question four people who might have more information. call 911 if you know anything. >> steve: a family waking up behind bars. a single dad accused of leading his two children on a of heists that were honors children. they arrested donald scott cat and his 20 year old son in connection with a hold up and his 18 year old daughter drove the get away car. they robbed as many as five banks in oregon before moving to texas. >> it is a complete shock. you wouldn't suspect them. they were solid members. >> steve: surveillance video did them in when they found
3:35 am
they were buying disguises in a home depo. >> brian: she's in charge of highway safety in massachusetts. but busted with a driving record. burgess had 7 accidents and wrapped up four speeding tickets. her latest accident was in august in a state-issued car and now burgess was removed from her job. >> alisyn: a dog can do math? the one, plus one. note ♪ (barking) >> alisyn: incredible. the man said the dog started with simple addition and he teached him multiplication. he couldn't believe it when the dog got that right. his owner is thinking of taking him on tour to raise money in china. >> steve: what is the square root of the a milk bone? mi.
3:36 am
>> steve: always room for pie. >> brian: i get my dog back today. talking about tackle football. ravens open up with a win over the steelers. jones returning a punt for 63 yard and baltimore beat pittsburg. baltimore 8-2 in the season. and brian started first game since 2009. roethlisberger is out indefinitely. panthers cam newton giving a fan the memory of the lifetime. he gives the boy a football. check out his reaction. look at that. sure joy. the fan can't contain his excitement. probably the number one fan. we had her on "fox and friends", and now nine year old football star sams gordon stealing the show on nfl game day, watch. >> the officials fix the fasmask. go to the corner, sam .
3:37 am
here she goes. fix that helmet one more time. you need a helmet. look at this. she breaks down the defenses. they have no match for sandy and she races right past them. you will see it. best highlight she has her way with marshall faulk. go get them. oh, man. >> brian: she is the smallest player out there and able to tackle the big guys. her youngest sister want to do the same thing. >> steve: really quickly we'll look at the weather. a lot of people are taking the day off. if you are out in the ozarks it is raining in the portions of mississippi valley and on to the great lake states and rain off of the midatlantic. current temperatures as you step out of the doors. 30s in portions of ohio valley . front rain with them .
3:38 am
50 in raleigh and temperatures are nicer down in the gulf coast it is 72 room temperature in new orleans and tampa. and 66 in kansas city and cleveland should top out in the mid-50s . that's your travel time. >> alisyn: it is weeks after sandy hit. >> we have the president of the united states here and what it said is we are not alone. yeah, we have work to do. yes, we have trouble, but we are not alone. >> alisyn: that's not how some homeowners feel and that solution is not bringing a smile to their faces. new york city plans to demolish these homes and tells families to start from scratch. michele zito from staten island new york. thank you for being here. you have not been back to your
3:39 am
home yet? >> no. >> alisyn: where are you staying. >> with my inlaws. >> steve: tell us about your house damage. >> you can see the house is tilted to the side. it is the foundation that has a giant hole in it. and the house is ininhabitable. >> brian: you would like to get your tough out. >> we got all of our stuff out. >> brian: your best scenario is for them to raise the house and get homeowners and start grane. >> hopefully. that is the best scenario. >> steve: you are trying to contact the building's department and they will tell you the next step. you call them up and what is the answer. >> they don't know. first time i called them >> chris: they are the authorities. >> you would think that they would know. >> steve: what did they tell you. >> they told me to contact a contractor and the contractor said it would not be able to
3:40 am
be fixed and the building department called me back and they said, that the contractor would have to go through with the plans to demolish the house. i spoke to my contractor and said you don't want us to do that. your insurance company may not acknowledge it coming from them. >> alisyn: this is a living hell for you and so many thousands of people and haven't gotten the answers and move forward. that night of hurricane sandy was hellish. you decided to stay in your house because the previous storm there was looting. >> yeah. >> alisyn: you stayed and what happened. >> the water came very fast. we saw our neighbors leaving when it was knee deep at 6:30. and i didn't want to leave because afraid of getting electrocuted because of the downed wires in the water. we decided to stay it out. i didn't think it would get worse.
3:41 am
it was like a river in the house and 13 feet high. the water in the house. > steve: this is -- >> brian: watching couches. >> rooftops. >> alisyn: police couldn't get to you. ? no. they got to us at 10:00 and formed a one, two, three precinct formed a man line and passed my son from man to man and stand negligent debris . roof toops and refrigerators and guiding us through. >> alisyn: you have young children and are pregnant and you look great. but it was terrifying. >> steve: you are a teacher as well and you are back at work. they are not helping you, the authorities, as a teacher, how simply could you make fixing it. >> i feel like when you have a situation, you should have a meet say this is what we will do with the red tag and yellow tag and greenn tag houses.
3:42 am
have a plan. they have no plan. >> brian: they give you money. fema gives you money to life somewhere for a while and as of hotel to go to. were you able to get those thing a.>> >> they gave us a total of $2900 for living expenses. most of the houses that they do have are not in the greatest of the areas, and so you know, we are choosing to stay with my mother-in-law because it is better for the baby and i don't want to uproot him and move him around. >> steve: it makes sense to be with family especially thanksgiving week. >> yes. >> brian: michele, thank you. . >> steve: and your husband off camera. good luck to you. >> alisyn: disturbing new study. children young as 14 using steroids. >> steve: it is a christmas tradition and not anymore. thank the athiest for ruining what is going on in santa
3:43 am
monica, california. ♪ ♪ t'that time of year again.
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>> brian: quick headlines. president obama first u.s. president to visit burm a. critics say the president was wrong to visit a country known for repressive leadership. kids young as 14 are taking steroid toz bulk up. six percent of the boys and five percent of the girls said they took steroids and now to steve doovcy.
3:47 am
>> steve: christmas merry holiday. city of santa monica to end the 60 year christmas tradition of setting out nativity scenes. last year atheist took over the majority of the booths and the city didn't want to have to rev free rumbles. the churches are challenging that. here is peter johns. >> the first salvo on the war on christians has been shot in santa monica. known to some the city of the christmas story and they had the pageant of the nativity scenes. 18 of them for 60 years. 7 years since 1953. and now city of santa monica said we will not have a christmas or hanukkah display on ocean street. in past years we had a lottery
3:48 am
and where the atheist folks had an opportunity to put up their particular displays. >> steve: right next to the regular one. >> i am serious. including the great pagetty monster and the holiday that doesn't exist but for protest of the christmas and hanukkah. this committee that is made up of a dozen of churches and the police officer association is going to court and said let's have this display. santa monica is wrong in changing the law. >> steve: apparent leap the atheist damion vicks and nine friends. they have 21 boots there and they have little displays like that of the 21 booths. they got 18 of them and would put anti-christian messages in there and said it is not worth the trouble.
3:49 am
what miss do you see and there is jesus and the devil and like that. what is going to happen. santa monica appeared to come to the heckler's veto. if you heckled it long enough, you can remove from the public square other people who do have a right to have that kind of scene. and the supreme court has allowed improper settings and improper times and places, the christmas pageant. the menorah and hanukkah display. but santa monica said pox on all of your houses and religion goes out out of the windo and we'll not allow the first amendment and as a result in the public square, christian and jewish symbols will not be allowed to be display in santa monica. they will go to court to stop it and the war on christmas has begun.
3:50 am
we'll watch this case closely. it is an important one. people want to see. >> steve: it is and too bad that the tradition. >> it was a wonderful thing to see and disappointing that it is going by the boards. >> steve: thank you for joining us. enjoy your thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead, the statute was posed to honor pope john ii, why did it look more like mussolina. he's suing his brother's groomsman. those stories straight ahead. come on, guys. ♪ ♪ great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains.
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can >> alisyn: he made it twen dapes in the show survivor. but he barely made it out of his brother's wedding alive. one . ushers picked him up and carried him outside and threw him in a lake. he had a broken leg. a bad one and now he wants the wedding party to pay. former prosecutors and joey jackson are here to tell us if this suit had a leg to stand on. >> that was good. who writes this stuff? not only did he break his leg. but he got two plates in his leg and nine bolts and two surgeris and couldn't stand for three months. heap's got a case. >> without question. we talked to our folk who said weddings are tough business. but listen, i want to tell you it is not only the marriage.
3:55 am
it means when you intend as he did just to pick someone up and throw them. you take the victim as you find them and you don't have to intend if they break your legs. but if that is the consequence. pay the pipe exer punitive damages. >> alisyn: horseplay and people are gined up? does he have a case. >> certainly. but is it a winable case. there is consent involved and assuming the risk f. you are at a party and everyone is drunk and horsing around and people throw each other in the water. you assume the risk and that will be a defense. >> i consent to getting myself to being picked up said no. i am doing a mara thon and i don't want it broken. >> look at the facts. i am sure there is a videotape. go to the videotape.
3:56 am
machine has to find the video. >> alisyn: he was in on the fun, then he doesn't have a case. but if he was like put me down, >> he has a case. you made out the internal tort. but the defense of consent will come in to play. >> alisyn: he said he doesn't drink. does that make a difference. >> they say you contributed to your injury if he was otherwise drunk or didn't have control, you could argue he was part. and paying up and done. you are out. it may not have been foreseeable. >> alisyn: thank you so much. great to see you. donald trump is on deck just in time for thanksgiving and naming the biggest turkey of the year. then beating the odds one chess match at a time.
3:57 am
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the new u. nespresso. what else? available at these fine retailers. >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. today is monday, november 19. i'm alisyn camerota. the mistress is back home with her family. she's speaking out. but that's not who lawmakers really want answers from. the president facing some big complications this morning. >> brian: twinkie about to be swallowed up by mexico? donald trump says you can thank the unions for that. ho, ho, ho. >> eric: shocking video, huge truck's brakes fail. the whole thing caught on camera. "fox & friends" hour two for monday starts right now.
4:01 am
>> alisyn: good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us bright and early. glad you fixed your microphone. >> eric: thank you very much i left the other one somewhere down the hall. >> brian: i think microphones are overrated. >> alisyn: we want to get to your news. we have so much to tell you about. this fox news alert because there is a new report this morning that says israel is ready to launch a ground war in gaza to defend itself. it would still like to find a peaceful solution. you're looking life at the israel-gaza border where forces are waiting for orders. israel increasing its owes fencesive on the targets in gaza. the crisis is in ickes sixth day. a short time ago, a school in southern israel was rocked by a palestinian rocket attack. luckily no children were inside the school at the time. we'll have a live report at the
4:02 am
bottom of the hour. stick around for that. and they lost just about everything because of hurricane sandy. now the few things they have left are about to be bulldozed. the city of new york is demolishing 200 homes deemed too dangerous to go back into. homeowners are trying to salvage what they can before it's too late. >> we got marked as red. we have no structure damage. we're calling them to come back down to reevaluate the structure. they have to rip it apart, take it apart a stuff is still inside but i can't get it out. i'm stuck. >> alisyn: the city is struggling to find homeowners now living with family and friends to notify them about these demolition plans. there is new video of a fatal oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico. >> holy (bleep). >> alisyn: tv crew filming captured it. the oil company is expanding the search for the last missing
4:03 am
worker. is search dog and three dive boats are being used around the rig. and fans have spoken. >> american music award goes to justin bieber. >> alisyn: yes, justin bieber -- >> wait a minute, there is an app for that? >> alisyn: a bieber app. he dominated the american music awards. he won the top award, artist of the year, as well as favorite pop album and male artist. ♪ . >> alisyn: carrie underwood is looking good. she blew the crowd away with her new single. she picked up favorite country album. the biggest surprise of the evening came tend of the night -- at the end of the night.
4:04 am
♪ >> alisyn: mc hammer joined up with gangnam style. >> brian: he's still got it. remember he started dancing with the oakland athletics and the owner there, finley, said why don't you come inside and dance? next thing you know, he didn't have his shirt on and dancing on national television. >> by the way, paula broadwell, who has been at the epicenter of the david petraeus scandal and her family arrived home in north carolina yesterday for the first time since mr. petraeus resigned as the c.i.a. director over their affair. we understand a bunch of the neighbors got together and threw a welcome back party. she's been at her brother's place in the washington, d.c. area. >> brian: she really regrets the whole thing. >> let's bring in donald trump
4:05 am
who joins us every monday on the program. good morning to you, donald. >> good morning. you mean the husband is not leaving her? he's staying? >> brian: he's staying. >> well, that's whole different attitude, i guess. times change. >> brian: can you believe how much it's changed since the last time we've spoken? >> unbelievable. lots of changes in this world, not all good. but perhaps some good. >> alisyn: let's talk about benghazi and how hard it's been for anyone in the government and congress to try to get answers on everything. why security was denied to begin with, why the talking points were changed. you run an empire basically with thousands of workers. if you needed to get an answer, how would you go about doing it? >> look, i think the answer is known by the people at top. there is no question in my mind but that they didn't want that answer to come out before the election. it was all before the election. it would have been a worst problem had it come out the way it actually was and the -- look, the politicians, the political
4:06 am
people probably the president, they all knew what the real answer was. they didn't want that answer to come out. that's why ambassador rice went on and put the spin on it. she just did nothing but spin. now, the election is over and now the truth is coming out. but they knew the truth before the election. >> brian: you think congressman rogers is right when he said he's snot sure the president didn't know you knew about the investigation of general petraeus in the summer when the attorney general knew about it? >> i can say that anybody with common sense or intelligence would know the president knew about it and probably is the one or one of the people that wanted this spin. >> yeah. you know, eric holder, you would think, sir, would not be doing his boss the president, a service if he didn't say, hey, by the way, the f.b.i. is investigating the c.i.a. director. that could be big. >> well, it's a big story. look, it's a horrible story. it's a story of politics. it's the death of four great people and you really get to the gates of why we within in the
4:07 am
first place, why we were there. what are we doing there? who are the people we were fighting for? we go in, we fight and ultimately they turn over the country and they start by killing our ambassador and others. it's really a question of why did we go in originally? that's where i see it starting. but people don't talk that way. this is a big lie. everybody knows it and it's a shame and hopefully there will be repercussions. >> can i ask you, what about susan rice? it sounds like she is the woman that the president would like to replace hillary clinton with, but a lot of republicans go, oh, come on. she's damaged goods. she can't have that job. >> well, she was really doing what they wanted her to do and she was a soldier and she did and said what they wanted her to say, let's face it. there is no question about it. she didn't go in there to make this up. somebody told her, this is the spin, we don't want to lose an election. we don't need a horrible story davis a bad story anyway, with you we don't need it to be
4:08 am
worse. i think if he pushes her, it's going to be ugly. i don't know what's going to happen. i would imagine that there are easier choices for him. why take on this fight? i don't think he will. there are enough fights and turmoil in this country. why would you take on this fight? and she could be a perfectly fine, wonderful representative, but what do you need another fight for? >> right, especially since john kerry would like the job and he's just standing there with nothing to do other than be a senator. >> there would be a number of good people to do the job. she might very well be good, but what do you need the problems for? >> alisyn: let's talk about a big business story from this past, that is that the twinkie could become extinct because of the unions, small union, bakers union, dug in its heels and wouldn't lepton a couple of -- relent on a couple of small negotiating points because they tried to negotiate with them.
4:09 am
the twinkie might move to mexico. >> well, it's just ridiculous. it's a shame. the only good thing about it is maybe i'll lose weight because i won't eat twinkies anymore because i like american food. but the fact is that it may move to mexico. it may move someplace else. this was a case of a great brand that was just destroyed and whether it was management or unions or in this case really it was both, but what a shame. here is something that everybody wanted to save, including the people that worked there and they couldn't save it. >> brian: unions are the problem. donald, steve has his lunch and dinner. real quick, the fiscal cliff that we're going to, for a businessman like you who has a passion for politics, how much does it matter that we avoid the fiscal cliff? >> we're at a very fragile time in the economy. we're really -- this economy is the most fragile that i've seen it. the real unemployment numbers, now that the election is over, they'll start to come out.
4:10 am
you can not afford not to make a deal. too many repercussions, too many -- it's just uncertainty. in business, you like certainty. you have to have certainty, otherwise you're not gog have a successful business. here sowf little certainty in this country, they really have to hammer out a deal. if they do, it's got to be a good deal bus otherwise we are going over the cliff even if they make the deal. >> i'm sure you heard people are auctioning these off on ebay. >> alisyn: and luckily their shelf life is 200 years. >> brian: bill crystal said it's okay for the top rate to go up. are you the same way? >> i think, look, if they could come out with a fantastic deal for the country, that means cutting like you never saw before and bring our deficit down to a really manageable number or even, i'm okay with whatever they do as long as they get this country going again. this country is not going. i mean, as an example, were they
4:11 am
going to move hostess maybe to mexico. this is an impossibility. we've got to get our country going again. >> alisyn: thursday is thanksgiving. who does the cooking at your house? >> my wife,. >> alisyn: somebody told me you didn't have the apron on. who is your biggest economic turkey of the year? >> i heard you would ask me this question and i watched your show and you were talking about twinkies and hostess and let's give it to them because here is a company that does wonderful revenues that can't make it. and there is no reason for it. you have people that want to work. everybody wants to put it together and yet it's now closing. i would say turkey of the year, hostess/twinkies exactly what you're eat o'clock. >> there a message for the union that pushed back so hard, now all the people are out of work? >> i think there is a message for the union and a lot of people would say, what do we even have a union for? what kinds of representation is it when everybody wants to work, the workers want to go back and
4:12 am
the union won't let them? >> brian: by the way, what trump towers is the trump family celebrate thanksgiving in? >> actual lea we're going to be at mara lago in florida. >> i don't blame you. >> it's a good spot. >> it is. been there before. lovely spot. donald, thank you very much. have a blessed thanksgiving. >> you, too. >> hope to talk to you next monday. >> thank you very much. >> brian: donald didn't recognize his tie. >> alisyn: we forgot to mention it to him. >> and i'm wearing the cologne. >> brian: fantastic. i smell money. straight ahead, general petraeus sullied reputation. our next guest says that's not the general's fault. >> then the most shocking piece of video you're going to see all day. a truck nearly slice has car in half, caught on camera. what happened? details straight ahead [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods
4:13 am
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4:15 am
i know.
4:16 am
>> brian: much of america's success in the iraq war can be attributed to david petraeus, but because of the extramarital affair, will he be known as a hero? joining us is retired colonel and co-author of this book, bing west. welcome back. you think petraeus is a head fake, it's a ruse, we're not getting to the point by focusing on what's doing in his private life. >> correct, brian. if we believe now what general petraeus is saying, then he said it was a terrorist attack long
4:17 am
before it became public. so if he said that in secret, how the heck did the ambassador to the united nations say the opposite? that's pretty critical and the other thing is if this affair had been going on for months and months and months, gee, how convenient that the f.b.i. decides to out him the day after the election and deflect all the attention? >> brian: so you want to see off the unclassified talking points ambassador rice was given and you would like to see the -- you would like to see the classified stuff out in the public at this point. correct? >> why not? i mean, they attacked us. it's on video. what's secret about this kind of stuff? the other thing i'd love to see is the president said -- and we've all let him get away with this and nobody has called him for it -- he said he gave the toward do everything possible to save the ambassador.
4:18 am
well, the military didn't do a thing. where is that order? if a president orders you, it's called an execute order, that's written down somewhere. so what i'd like to see is where is the presidential order and where are these talking points? who signed these talking points? then we know an awful lot more. >> brian: colonel, we understand that one of the guys looking to stay alive was lighting up a target, putting himself in danger because he thought air cover was coming. do you believe there was a discrepancy between what we thought was going to be some help and what the help that never came? do you believe an order was given or not followed? is the answer in that? >> i believe an order was never given and i am flabbergasted because it looked to me like the four stars didn't trust their own subordinates to use their own initiative. we have marines and we had aircraft close enough that they could have been on scene and we could have let the guys fight
4:19 am
their own battle and we didn't because i think the four stars at the top of the chain of command, i think they choked. >> brian: you mean they -- just like we see, they froze in the moment? >> that's what i thought. >> brian: you said this was the beginning. what do you think is next? >> i think next is going to be seeing those talking points and then i think who signed them. but if i were the white house, i would now attempt to have one of these committees come forward with thousands of papers and try to smother the real fundamental issue. deflect it. spend a lot of time talk being general petraeus and stay away from did the president ever give that order and what are those talking points really say? >> brian: i'd like to find out who this group of deputies were that signed off and changed evidently, according to general petraeus, the talking points, the conclusions he had about the whole attack.
4:20 am
the name is "into the fire." thanks so much. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: next up, it's a family business no kid should be forced into. a dad accused of using his honor students to rob banks. then beating the odds one chess match at a time. how kids who came from nothing are achieving amazing things. it's a true story. you got to see to believe.
4:21 am
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of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
4:23 am
>> alisyn: at first it seemed like the odds were stacked against them. >> started with this little
4:24 am
group of kids, they came in and started playing and we decided we would take a try going to the nationals because it would be a great experience for the children to travel to another state, to enter a chess competition and we won. then we won again and it goes on for ten years. we're still winning. >> alisyn: brooklyn castle is the inspirational new documentary about that winning chess team. they prevailed even when budget cuts threatened after school programs like chess. with help from hard working students and mentor, they rose to the top and here to share the great story are one of the students and other members of the school. welcome. >> thank you. >> alisyn: great to sigh. katy, why did you want to make a film about chess? >> i didn't necessarily want to make a film about chess. but when i discovered about this title won school this had the best junior high chess club in the nation, that surprised me. >> alisyn: why did it surprise
4:25 am
you? >> i think we don't often expect title one schools, schools with poverty levels above 70%, to perhaps excel at something like chess. i think there is a lot of stereotypes about how inner city public schools perform and this school was kind of the opposite of that. >> alisyn: how did that happen? how did chess take off at your school? >> our team started as a small chess club like many schools have. ten years ago, we took our beginners to the nationals in arizona. to our incredible surprise, our team won. nothing breeds success like cess. last year our high school won. >> alisyn: what do you like about playing chess? >> well, since i have adhd, it helps me learn how it concentrate more. it teaches you to slow down, take your time, take a deep breath, and just keep trying. >> alisyn: you think it's changed your life? >> yes.
4:26 am
definitely has. >> alisyn: that's incredible. we know the sad part about your school is that it's facing a million dollars in budget cuts. it's facing the possibility that you won't have money to attend the chess tournaments. how are you going to go forward? >> there's a lot of talk now about the fiscal cliff. but unfortunately, we face the fiscal cliff every single school year. so ever since 2008 when the economy soured, we've really had to find ways to keep the program doing. we do a lot of fundraising, we ask for donors and support. it's my job to make sure the kids still have that right to compete at the absolute highest levels. >> alisyn: what's the lesson here? >> there is a lot of lessons. i think that if kids are given the resources to succeed, they can meet all of our expectations. but when those resources are taken away, it's really hard to go back and say why aren't you performing? why aren't you excelling? so i think that is an example -- the chess program is an example of that and that's something i learned from making the film.
4:27 am
>> alisyn: the film again "brooklyn castle." we recommend it to everybody. it's a great story. congratulations on doing so well now in high school and it's great to meet all you guys. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> alisyn: next, new details with a serial kill who are struck four times. is he hunting his victims based on the number 8? then the most shocking piece of video that you'll see all day, a truck nearly splice has car in half. it's all caught on camera. we'll tell you the story. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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4:31 am
[ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> alisyn: welcome back. fox nurse alert. you're looking live at the border between israel and gaza. israel reportedly may be just hours away from launching a ground war against gaza militants. leeland vittert is live in southern israel where he was just caught in the middle. tell us an update. >> just like the one million israelis who live in southern israel, we were here as the sirens went off. so far gaza militants launched a little over 1,000 rockets here. the rockets just fly wherever and then try to crash into civilian homes. also inside gaza, israel continues their air strikes. so far 1300 plus air strikes more than about 80 plains killed. a number of those children. still hamas continues to fire their rockets. we were at a school that had gotten hit when the latest sirens went off.
4:32 am
we have the sirens going. we got the sirens going. we're going to keep going. this area was hit once before. we're going to keep moving. we're going to grab this and run to a shelter. obviously this is a school. now we're going to run into a shelter. you see everybody running in. we've got the israeli soldiers. keep coming this way. here is the air raid shelter. inside. come on. we're getting inside. all the way inside. this is the school that was hit before. this is where israeli students would be hiding if, of course, there had been school. today was a rocket today. we just heard the explosions overhead. of course, you saw the damage that occurred earlier from these rockets coming in. that was really close. those seconds when the sirens were going off are just awful. you can see the anxiety on everyone's face in here knowing
4:33 am
that you have no idea what's going to happen next. you hear the sirens go off and then you think to yourself for 20 or 30 seconds, what's gog happen? is the rocket going to come here? is it going to land far away? right now you're looking at the picture of where this rocket slammed into only about five or ten yards from the front door of this woman's house, narrowly miss add propane tank explosion right there. the gaza militants have gotten smart. they're firing eight or ten missiles at a time which overwhelms the iron dome missile defense system. you can see the explosive power here. this is what it did to a concrete sidewalk. so this, you can imagine what it would have done to a person's head. cease fire talks are ongoing. but so far there is nothing congress create. they say we're 24, 48 hours before the error raids are over inside gaza, or at least they make way for the ground war to move on. back to you in new york.
4:34 am
>> steve: leend la vittert, absolutely terrifying. >> alisyn: be careful. it's wonderful to have reporters there because you get that firsthand view of what people there are living with, but obviously terrifying. >> steve: luckily there is a alarm first. you hear the siren, but you have 20 to 30 seconds. >> brian: 300 rockets alone yesterday. you wonder if they're going to run out soon. >> steve: apparently the iron dome intercepted 300 of the 800 that have been launched. but a lot of them, apparently the iron dome knows not to shoot them down if they're hitting an uninhabited area. other headline, f.b.i. and new york police department hunting for a serial kill be on the loose in new york city wanted for three murders in the last four months. detectives are looking into several motives. but they say the guy has a fascination with numerology. the address for each crime scene includes the number 8. is that a coincidence? don't know.
4:35 am
thanks to surveillance video, cops want to question four people ho might know more information. that's the video right there. >> brian: single dad accused of leading his two kids who are honor students on a string of heist. police arrested ronald scott cat and his 20-year-old son in connection with a robbery. they robbed as many as five banks in oregon before heading to texas. >> it's a complete shock. you wouldn't suspect them. they were really solid community members. >> brian: you would think. surveillance video did them in when they were found by disguises at a home depot. >> alisyn: check this out. extreme weather from the sun. huge eruption captured by a nasa spacecraft. a second one flaired up a few hours later. they often disrupt our satellite equipment. scientists say not to worry. the flares are not headed towards earth. >> steve: and more incredible
4:36 am
video now, a tractor-trailer loses control. look at that. oh, my goodness, crashes through an intersection, completely takes out two light poles. luckily it misses any cars. unclear where the video is from or if the driver of the truck is okay. clearly it's dash cam video. let's talk some football, mr. kilmeade. >> brian: 8:00 o'clock eastern time when you started getting drowsy. suddeny you realize, i missed the game. the ravens opened autopsy two-game lead over pittsburgh. jones did pretty good. i think 63-yard touchdown run is pretty good. baltimore went on to win 13-10 over pittsburgh. both lost starting quarterbacks. roethlisberger out indefinitely. i should say the ravens lost their big-time linebacker, ray lewis. watch this kid's reaction. first he gets a hug from his
4:37 am
dad. then realizes my life is -- everything else is gravy from here on in. i'll just go to junior high, but i got cam newton's football. let's talk racing. officially the nascar champion winning. he needed 125 starts for the first title. the fewer since jeff gordon in 1995. back to second place for jimmie johnson. >> steve: we got a fox business alert. wal-mart warning its workers don't walk out on black friday. the retail giant filed a complaint accusing one of the country's largest labor unions of illegally organizing strikes. wal-mart says the union is trying to force the company into collective bargaining. workers started demonstrating last week, complaining of low wages and high health care costs. they promise to protest through black friday. wal-mart stays it will still have plenty of staff on that day
4:38 am
after thanksgiving. it's only monday, but people are already camped outside of stores. now near a best buy, let me get this straight, april. it's monday, they're waiting for friday and some deals they might not even know about. >> you're right. you checked your calendar. it is monday. these folks have been waiting since friday already. they're going to be waiting until this friday, black friday. look hyped me. there is about a dozen or so tents out here. it's a little chilly. they've been here for hours. still have days to wait. a lot of these folks, we talked to some of them, they enjoy this. they say not only are they going to be saving a couple hundred dollars, some found this is a yearly tradition. instead of thanksgiving, they like sleeping on the pavement in hopes of getting a big screen tv or camera at a big discounted price. and some of the deals have been listed on-line already. some will be door buster surprise folks don't know what they're waiting for. but they say they like it. this is what they like to do.
4:39 am
and so they will be here for several hours. i don't know if you can see them, but the extension cords are running inside the stores, so they have laptops and tv's to keep them busy over the next couple of days. >> steve: i hope so, it is best buy. april kellogg, thank you very much. >> alisyn: let's talk about the big news this weekend from capitol hill. as you know, the investigation continues into what went wrong in benghazi. >> steve: where do you start? >> alisyn: i think that you start before the talking points came out with why security and back up was denied when we knew there were so many warning signs the situation was deteriorating. people have been caught up in the talking points and why susan rice went out and said the wrong thing. so senator diane feinstein and mike rogers were on the sunday shows and talked about trying to get to the bottom of this. >> we gave the direction yesterday that this whole process is going to be checked
4:40 am
out. we are going to find out who made changes in the original statement. >> what happened was, it worked its way up through the system of the so-called talking points which everyone refers to and then it went up to what's called the deputy's committee. what i found fascinating about this investigation, and again, my role here and my mind is to say was there an intelligence failure? it went to those populated by the appointees from the administration, that's where the narrative changed. how that thing got back to senator rice is another question. >> brian: so the question is, who makes up the deputy's committee? are they more qualified people? are they intelligence experts? are they political insiders? >> alisyn: let's bring in steve doocy. >> steve: i did what most people do, i wick pediad it. according to the wick pedia, the deputy committee, you have the deputy national security
4:41 am
advisor, under secretary of defense for policy, the under secretary of estate for political affairs. and the deputy director of the c.i.a. so you've got somebody from state, national security, and d.o.d., along with the c.i.a. >> alisyn: interesting, right? because as we know, david petraeus when he testified hyped closed doors, he did it twice, and he said it was interesting because he said i told you the first time that it was terrorism. i told you that was my first instinct and i told you that last time and peter king said that's not how i remember it. i don't remember you emphasizing terrorism. yesterday senator feinstein said there was a transcript from that. i didn't know if there was a transcript behind closed doors. she said said there is a transcript, so we'll be able to get to the bottom of what he really did say. >> brian: i'm fascinated to see this because we understand the deputy c.i.a. guy was the one who briefed ambassador rice in unclassified briefing which was -- that was our conduit to the truth, which we found out was pure fiction. >> steve: meanwhile, the senator
4:42 am
of south carolina, lindsey graham, was on television yesterday and you know who he blames? the president. >> i blame the president more than anybody else. susan rice is a bit player here. was he informed of the attack on our consulate where they blew a hole where 40 people could go through? was he aware of the august 15th cable where stevens was saying, we can't withstand a coordinated al-qaeda attack? there are ten militia groups all over benghazi. i blame the president for making this a death trap. i blame the president for not having assets available to help these people for eight hours. we need a select committee not only to look at intelligence failures, but how could the department of defense not help these poor people for over eight hours and why did the department state for months, ignore pleas for help? >> brian: so many other people who don't watch our channel are probably hearing this story for the first time. he said the same thing he said right before the election. >> steve: he did. it does look as if the president of the united states probably
4:43 am
did know because i read over the weekend that the presidential daily briefing probably within 72 hours, had it very clear that it was not spontaneous, that it was linked to an al-qaeda affiliate. so did the president know? if he read his presidential daily briefing, he probably did. >> brian: i give steve credit, even with his power back, he's still reading. i found the power of the book without the power. the marines about to unveil a next generation war on the war on terror. a closer look is next. >> alisyn: then california raising taxes. surprise. if you think it won't impact you, think again. our next guest says taxafornia is about to take overt whole have i. >> steve: aflac country of the day. in 1961, this actress rows to fame in "when harry met sally." e-mail us oh no, not a migraine now.
4:44 am
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>> alisyn: marine corps forming a squadron for this fighter jet will make its official debut tomorrow. it will replace cold war era planes like the f a 18 hornet and av 8 d carrier. and an italian artist unveiling his revised statue of pope john paul ii. the initial statue on the left drew outrage for resembling mussolini. >> steve: thank you very much. on election day, not only did 54% of californians vote to increase taxes on the rich, they approved a sales tax increase as well. >> we placed in america where a state actually said let's raise our taxes for our kids, for our schools, for our california dream. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: yea. but critics say the new taxes are going to hurt the already broke state and the question
4:48 am
remains, will the rest of the country follow suit? joining us is the president of the howard jarvis taxpayer association, the largest taxpayer group in california. thank you for joining us. >> always a pleasure, steve. how are you? >> steve: doing okay. but if i were a high income net worth person in california looking at that now where your income tax is at 13% and your sales tax is at 7 1/2%, i'm thinking, hello, florida! >> orerer. >> yaw actionerrerrerrer. >> texas, florida, nevada have no income tax and we moved ours to 13.3%. this is a huge invitation tore people to move out of the state and we've already seen it. we've already seen in terms of businesses huge capital, dislocation is what they call it. it means businesses leaving. we saw accelerated business flight out of california in 2011. 2012 was going to be worse. and 2013 is going to be even worse than that.
4:49 am
>> steve: it looks like it. explain if you would how they used education as a bribe to get people to vote for this thing. >> both a bribe and extortion. the bribe was jerry brown waving $250 in front of college students saying this will be your rebate if you help me pass prop 30. the extortion was your tuition will increase if prop 30 fails. so look, this is a page out of the playbook in california. that is using students, both k through 12 and college students as human shields to get tax increases. what we need to do on our side for those of us who are fiscal conservatives, is really convince voters, connect the dots that the higher taxes are going to result in much higher unemployment. we saw a modest decrease in unemployment. we're now down to 10.1. but that's still way above the national average. the big story in california is the part-time employment.
4:50 am
>> steve: i get why the students voted for it, 'cause they got some stuff. and we all love free stuff. john, you say california really a ticking time bomb. we're short on time. you still have $200 billion of pension unfunded liabilities out there. >> yes. unfunded pension liabilities and total debt, including general obligation, bonds, revenue bonds, about a trillion dollars. i mean, that's like a federal number. that's loft zeros. so california is still in a world of hurt economically and we're hopeful that people will wake up. if not, we will see significant loss of business and high income individuals and our best educated students moving elsewhere. >> steve: congratulations. you got the highest taxes statewide and sales wise in the country. >> oh, joy. >> steve: thank you. you just heard donald trump call hostess the biggest economic turkey of the year. o so who is to blame? stuart varney on twinkies. smile. hello [ timers ringing ]
4:51 am
[ male announcer ] it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. it's a great hd tv... shhh. don't speak. i'll just leave you two alone. [ male announcer ] black friday's back. savings start thursday at 8 pm. more electronics start at 10 pm. the first and only place to go this black friday. walmart.
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4:54 am
>> brian: answer to the aflac trivia question, meg ryan. >> alisyn: we knew that. >> steve: everybody knew that. >> brian: can i finish, please? the winner is our loyal fan, that's how he signs this entry, larry fullheart from indiana. >> steve: twinkies may be extinct because the union rejected a pay cut. the result? 100% pay cut for more than 18,000 workers. stuart varney joins us live.
4:55 am
this is terrible news for people out of work before the holidays. >> yes, it is. here you have a union which rejected these give backs. the company wanted give backs, lower pension, lower medical payments, et cetera. they wanted all of that. the union said no, you can't have that. the company totally shut down. which raises the question, who killed the twinkie? is it the unions? is it bad management? is it changes in our eating habits? what is it? >> alisyn: here are some of the things that the company was up against, 372 collective bargaining agreements. 40 different pension plans. 5500 delivery routes. we heard you couldn't put wonder bread on the same trunk as the twinkies. so clearly it was bogged down. >> you can not have all these generous pension and health benefits. you can't have that if your company is not run efficiently and profitably. the union was standing in the way of efficiency and profitability. >> brian: richard trumka says they were eaten up bay bain
4:56 am
capital-like existence. they came in, divided it up and destroyed it. >> yeah. >> brian: you don't agree? >> no, i do not agree. the company which actually owned hostess, the private equity company, which actually took it into liquidation lost everything. all they've got is the brand name and the recipe. >> alisyn: they are reselling that. >> bimbo. >> with a british accent, you can say anything you like. >> steve: maybe it will be el twinkie, el wonder bread, south of the border. >> sold $68 million worth of twinkies so far in 2012. so the brand has value. >> brian: true story of the twinkie coming up on the fox business channel. >> on my show. >> alisyn: thank you. these guys were just fishing when this happened. >> holy (bleep) look at that! >> alisyn: what they saw was no fish. it was a tragedy. we'll show you. >> brian: then we introduce to
4:57 am
you this nine-year-old girl last week. now she's taking on the pros. down goes faulk. ♪ where just one touch creates the perfect cup. where every cappuccino and latte is made with fresh milk. ♪ and where clothing is optional. nespresso. what else? >> hi. >> you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> announcer: we all love a good deal during the holidays, especially identity thieves. they can open an account in your name and go on a serious spending spree. >> do you have cufflinks? >> mm-m. >> gold ones? >> announcer: not on our watch. we're lifelock, with the most comprehensive identity theft protection you can buy.
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5:00 am
and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. today is monday, november 19. i'm alisyn camerota. paula broadwell is back home with her family and speak out. but that's not who lawmakers want answers from. now a top democrat saying something doesn't smell right. >> steve: and it's been a christmas tradition for 60 years right along the pacific. but not anymore. you can thank the atheists for wrecking it for a lot of christians out in california. >> brian: santa monica. soldier brings an entire stadium to its feet. >> up with -- we've special treat for you as well. >> brian: that's as loud as the super bowl. that soldier home from afghanistan. just joins us live on "fox &
5:01 am
friends" right now. >> hey y'all, it's paula deen and you're watching "fox & friends." >> steve: can you imagine what it would be like at paula deen's house during thanksgiving week? >> brian: here is the thing, she's cleaned out her arteries, right? she kind of changed the way she's cooking a little bit. less butter, less salt. >> steve: her son has that cook show where he tries to do the same thing. be interesting to see what paula is cooking up. >> i said suga! >> steve: we might have splenda! >> brian: that could happen. >> steve: speaking of paula deen, i was in georgia over the weekend visiting friends, guess what i had for breakfast yesterday morning? >> alisyn: chicken fried steak. >> steve: close. chicken and waffles. >> brian: with gravy? >> steve: delicious. >> brian: saxby chambliss?
5:02 am
>> steve: no. >> alisyn: we've lot of news to get to. fox news alert. we are now in day six of the crisis between israel and the plane militants. new reports say israel ready to launch a ground war in gaza any minute, but hopes to find a peaceful solution. egypt's prime minister says a cease fire deal could be close. the situation in israel suggests otherwise, though. this school rocked by a rocket. luckily no children were in the school at the time or hurt. at least 25 rockets have already hit israel today, forcing israel to step up its offensive. that right there is video of an israeli air strike target ago hamas compound. they hit 80 targets in gaza overnight. the f.b.i. and nypd are hunting for a serial killer on the loose in new york city today. the suspect wanted for at least
5:03 am
three murders in the past four months. detectives are looking into several motives, but say the man has a fascination with numerology, they believe. the address for each crime scene includes the number 8, thanks to surveillance video, police want to question four people who might know more information. there is new video of that fatal oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico. >> holy (bleep) look at that! >> alisyn: a tv crew was filming a fishing show and they captured the explosion on camera. the oil company is expanding the search for the body of the last missing worker. a search and rescue dog is being brought in today and three dive boats are being used around the rig. the fans have spoken. >> american music award goes to justin bieber. >> alisyn: justin bieber. dominated the american music awards. he won the top award, artist of the year, as well as favorite
5:04 am
pop album and male artist. ♪ check out carey underwood. she blew away the crowd with her new single and picked up the ama for favorite country album. to the biggest surprise came at the end of the evening. ♪ gangna marks style ♪ ♪ . >> alisyn: they look great. mc hammer joins sigh for a mash-up of "too legit to quit" and" gangnam style". >> steve: brian, let's see do you that. >> brian: i left my pants at home and i can't dance without them. >> steve: let's talk a little
5:05 am
bit about this, a um number -- we're talking about benghazi and what went wrong. a number of republicans suggested there has been some sort of gigantic watergate style cover-up or it was imcompetence. what we want to know for sure -- and the jury is still out on that -- but what we want to know right now is who exactly was it who took the information that the c.i.a. knew within 24 hours that it was not spontaneous and it was a terrorist attack, who took that and officially scrubbed it from the unofficial, i believe, unclassified talking points? >> brian: if you want to know why the fire is literally being lit under every media outlet now, it's because the president floated secretary of state for -- for the position of secretary of state ambassador rice and people are saying, you got to be kidding? the president made it worse, in my estimation when he said, ambassador rice had nothing to do with benghazi. saying, i had no reason to trot her out there, leave her alone.
5:06 am
that got everybody angry. >> one of the most unfair attacks i've ever seen in washington in 34 years, susan rice was using the unclassified talking points which were provided by the intelligence community. they were a consensus report. >> i don't know what the democrats and the white house are trying to hide because no matter what any of them are saying, general petraeus and general clapper both said the intelligence community in its entirety signed off on talk points. they within to the administration and when they come back, key language was changed. >> alisyn: by the way, what the administration has said or at least i think it was diane feinstein said only one word was changed in the talking points and that was to change consulate to mission. >> steve: that was from the white house. >> alisyn: yes. the white house only changed one thing to make it more technically accurate. it wasn't that they took out the references to al-qaeda affiliates. >> brian: that is directly against what general petraeus had told congressional leaders
5:07 am
24 hours before the sunday shows. >> steve: he said, we had this report. we gave it to them. it came back, hey, there are words -- >> brian: it's in crayon. >> steve: the other thing is why were there talking points? i mean, why do they have to have talking points? why can't they say this is what happened? instead they said oh, yeah, there is an election. oh, yeah, and what about that election? was the president told before the election what went on? listen to this. here is david gregory with wayne rogers on "meet the press" yesterday. >> i'm not sure the president was not told before election day. the attorney general said that the state -- excuse me, the department of justice did not notify the president. but we don't know if the attorney general -- >> that's new. that's news. the president knew before election day. >> i didn't say that. i said i didn't know. >> there is no evidence -- >> there is no evidence. >> the attorney general knew months before this there was no formal notice to both congress or the intelligence community.
5:08 am
i find it -- we just have to ask the question. i hope he'll talk to us. >> alisyn: what they were referring to there was the investigation into general petraeus and his extramarital affair with paula broadwell. >> steve: maybe he was finessing what he was saying ahead of time. but you would think that the president of the united states would hear from his close friend, eric holder, who heads up the f.b.i. and the department of justice, you know what's going on over here? >> brian: if you don't believe in god, you might be an atheist. sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it's not. there is a story in santa monica, california, much like the stories you've been covering over the last ten years. it's a story of an atheist taking on a nativity scene, that's been set in santa monica, we believe for 60 years. >> steve: it's all true. it's right there right along the pacific, beautiful display of over a dozen nativity scenes. what happened was this atheist, number of years ago, wound up
5:09 am
putting up displays like this. what myths do you see? there you can see jesus and santa and somebody with horns and stuff like that. and what they did is each of these displays, they would let out via lottery. as it turns out the last time they did the lotteries, majority of them went to people who had displays like that and so essentially what they decided this year was they weren't even going to do it or get into a religious squabble with the atheists and the people trying to put up the nativity scenes. >> alisyn: we've seen this in town when is there ends up being a battle over a cross or nativity scene that sometimes what the town does, even though they think they're in the right is they drop it because they don't have the money to engage in any sort of protracted legal battle. so they just drop it. we asked our viewers about this and many of you have weighed in. this is a tweet from art. make no law respecting establishment of religion or
5:10 am
prohibiting the free exercise thereof. enough said. >> steve: ty tweeted us, it's just another liberal attempt to place restrictions on daily lives. california never read the constitution. >> brian: this is from linda. hi says the atheists don't want to celebrate christmas, don't. don't try to impede the freedoms of others. >> steve: the santa monica nativity committee is now suing. they argue in their lawsuit that atheists have the right to protest, but that freedom does not trump the christian's right to free speech. what do you think? e-mail us, or tweet us because twine has just -- brian has gotten it. >> brian: general petraeus gave us success in iraq when no one else could. when the time came for us to be generous in return, our next guest says we failed. is he right?
5:11 am
>> steve: then the city set to bulldoze hundreds of houses ruined by sandy. one problem, they might not even tell the people who own the houses. what if they still have stuff inside? we're going to discuss that and talk about the home wreckers. begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8.
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5:14 am
>> general petraeus had an extraordinary career. he served this country with great distinction in iraq, afghanistan and head of the c.i.a. >> brian: president obama honored the top general when he decided to step down on that
5:15 am
friday. but what will he be remembered -- will he be remembered that way or will the scandal overchateau that legacy? tom ricks is the author of this book called "the generals" and david petraeus gets virtually a whole chapter. you've seen him in action, tom. does it bother you the way he left? >> it bothers me enor news quite abecause it's such a sterling career. he did a good job in iraq in sharp contrast to his three predecessors who failed. he got us out of iraq with the way he handled command there in 2007 and 2008. and it seems to me that we should have been as generous to me as he was generous with time. >> brian: in other words, cut him some slack? you had a personal failing, you shouldn't have done it. but let him stay is what you're saying? >> yeah. i wish that's what president obama had said to him. under c.i.a. rules, he might have had to leave even so. but it seems to me that we dragged him and his family
5:16 am
through the mud for the last week or so and it's not something they deserved. it bothers me that people all ignore these wars until there is some sort of scandal that pulls them in. >> brian: before we give everyone -- jog everyone's memory to exactly what did he strategically and when he deployed, shear thomas freedman, he does not buy into the general petraeus legacy. listen. >> petraeus exhibited a single act of leadership when he summoned the country fort surge that saved iraq from going into a death spiral. it was the combination of our surge and the sunni uprising that made that success. we completely overread that, is my belief, and petraeus turned that into a counterterrorism strategy that he said i did it in iraq. now i can do it in afghanistan. what worked in iraq was a failure in afghanistan and petraeus has to take responsibility for that. >> brian: is freedman on the money with that?
5:17 am
>> he is right. petraeus did not do as well in afghanistan as he did in iraq. i think petraeus was tired in afghanistan. and burned out by that point. it bothers me that they at the present time capping him. it seemed like he was the only general who could lead news combat. it president-elect obama was a mistake to put him in afghanistan. >> brian: what's understated is it's not by coincidence the sunny uprising. he took all his men and put them in the outpost, put them in with iraqis and got to know them and part of the strategy was not kill everybody burks win everybody over and that's what he did. i think people are soft pedaling his success and the boldness of his moves. >> you're right. everybody is suddenly dumping on him saying, oh, he wasn't all we built him up to be. no, nobody was going to be as great as the media sometimes portray petraeus as being. he turned out to be a human being after all. but you're right. with these things he did in iraq, with the outposts, by cut
5:18 am
ago deal with the sunni insurgents, putting 100,000 guys fighting americans on the american payroll, cutting a cease fire with them, he really changed the situation in iraq. in 06, iraq was in a death spiral into civil war. by the time he left iraq, at least it was a low level stalemate. that said, people forget, iraq is still more violent than afghanistan even today. >> brian: right. when he left, we're back down to zero casualties per month as opposed to 180, as you know 'cause you witnessed firsthand 'cause you wrote it. you saw when he took it over. you had a sequel that was a lot better and general king tells me that we were having great success in afghanistan, as you know, play has major role in your book. but many short and we left too soon. go get his book. thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> brian: straight ahead, it's a family business no kid should be forced into. a dad accused of using his honor students to rob banks.
5:19 am
then candidate obama promised to get rid of the back log for veterans benefits. the vet you're about to meet says nothing has changed. his story might just blow you away. years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? then i heard this news about a multivitamin study looking at long-term health benefits for men over 50. the one they used in that study... centrum silver. that's what i take. my doctor! he knows his stuff. [ male announcer ] centrum. the most recommended. most preferred. most studied. centrum, always your most complete.
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of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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>> steve: quick headlines on this monday morning. president obama reportedly decided against closing gitmo. a source telling the "new york post" he's not going to fight that fight again despite promising to close it. we just had her on "fox & friends." nine-year-old football star sam gordon making headlines for beating the boys at their own game. now she's stealing the show on
5:23 am
nfl game day. warren sapp no match for sam. he can't stop her! sam having her way with marshall faulk, taking him down. down goes marshall. puts a smile on his face. ali, over to you. >> alisyn: thanks so much. so at fox news channel, we are committed to supporting diversity and developing careers in broadcast journalism. the apprentice program created by roger ales further expands that mission by helping change the face of television. fox news anchor harris faulkner co-hosted its annual graduation spokeny last week and she joins us now with some of the highlights. >> good morning, "fox & friends." you know, our ceo and chairman, roger ale, told a few people he had a mission nine years ago. he wanted to make sure every young person who interned or worked at an entry level position at fox news had an opportunity to grow and reach for their full potential. and he saw a need for those with diverse backgrounds to have
5:24 am
access and work with journalists on tv and managers and executives who would mentor them and eventually hire them. so he founded the ales apprentice program. each year four participants are chosen and it was my honor to be part of their graduation when i emceed. the keynote speaker? the reverend jesse jackson, who knows all about the ales apprentice program and had a few things to say about the founder. >> this man used his power in the highest and best way, opening doors for others, sowing seeds, tutoring, mentoring, providing on the job training. >> also reverend jackson talked about being on opposite sides of the political aisle from our chairman, roger ales and made a point to tell our invited guests and young men and women graduating how important it is to disagree with each other with integrity. he says he has that type of friendship with mr. ales. >> what makes roger different is
5:25 am
you may disagree with him, but i'll also respect regard. roger is training youth for the next generation of responsibility. >> we set up an apprentice program and it's commend to go pick whatever field they want to be in and we assign a mentor to them and that mentor is there available, works with them daily, weekly. they get through the year and get $1,000 scholarship and they get a certificate. but the most important thing they got is an absolute guarantee of a job. >> it was an incredible turnout of support. former new york mayor deny convince was on hand, reverend jock degrath, his brother, nypd chief of police, philip banks, and manny alvarez. then a couple of great moat vasal speakers -- motivational speakers. once the highest ranking black
5:26 am
woman in the u.s. navy, and a world renowned math expert who was born with polio in mexico city. >> remember, success is never final. failure is never fatal. it is the effort, the conviction, the passion that counts. fulfill your dreams. transform the world into a borrow world for all. -- a better world for all. >> your dream is waiting for you to come true. if you have a deeply held dream, that is not an impossible dream. that is your destiny staring you in your face. >> i almost need a drum roll for this. now the graduates themselves. >> so what i'd like for this program to represent and what it has represented is an opportunity to really, really use this as a platform, taking the knowledge, the experience, the interviews, the long days and nights and just really, really giving other minorities opportunities moving forward. so mr. ailes, i would like to
5:27 am
thank you so much for actually taking success and diversity and bridging that together. for that, i am thankful. >> there are very few places that you will go in life, post kindergarten, that will surround you with the earnest concern and the mentorship that the ailes apprentice program will. i have had the opportunity to explore parts of the broadcast world that i would have never imagined i would. and i've been exposed to a group of the most accomplished and inspiring mentors. no matter where i was, what i was doing, i was playing volleyball, i would hear, you got to be number one. what better place to be at than the number one cable network. >> the program has done so much for me. i came to this program as feeling as the underdog, but thankfully, i feel like i have strived, that i'm ready for the next step for post-apprentice program. thank you so much. i'm forever grateful and
5:28 am
thankful. >> you remember what it was like when we were all starting out in this business? it really does take someone believing in you and giving you a chance, connecting you with a family of successful people. that's what the ailes apprentice program is all about. now back to my friends on "fox & friends." >> alisyn: thanks. it is so good to be reminded of that. tomorrow on "fox & friends," we'll meet all four of the ailes apprentice program graduates right here on the curvy couch. meanwhile, they have little left after hurricane sandy, but what they do have is about to be bulldozed to the ground and the homeowners might not even be told. then who changed the white house talk points on libya, taking terror out of the text? one of the lawmakers pushing for answers, senator kelly ayotte, joins us next [ female announcer ] you spend weeks planning it.
5:29 am
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5:33 am
sea world and southwest airlines organized the whole trip. you got to love southwest. they were able to get on without assigned seats. they will stay at the helen woodward animal center until they are adopted. a wonderful gesture by a fine airline. >> steve: absolutely. all right. meanwhile, speaking of sandy, let's talk about this. you've seen the pictures. there are still a lot of people without electricity and a lot of people will not be in their homes for the holidays because their homes are destroyed. extraordinarily, that's some of the devastation in breezy point. the department of buildings for new york city has a number of those destroyed homes and on whatever is standing, that's an unsafe sticker. on some of the other homes, they're putting tickets and they write things like, failure to maintain. and there would be a criminal prosecution if not immediately corrected. >> brian: do you believe this? i heard of being on the wrong page, but they go into a place like breezy point and
5:34 am
essentially put what amounts to a ticket on there? >> alisyn: shocking. so homeowners who lost so much, been so devastated and traumatized come home, find a ticket, a summons of sorts on their house for failure to maintain it since the hurricane that destroyed it and by the way, when they've gone to the buildings department and said what, is this? how can you be ticketing me after this horrible tragedy? they say, it's just a formality of the process. really? one that says there will be criminal prosecution if i ignore it? >> brian: that works well on our behalf, too. that stays on your record. people describe situations where they're pulling their home away and see the ticket flopping on it. >> steve: i read one report that somebody said what are they smoking at the buildings department? here is some of the other residents and these residents are smoking. >> to rebuild them would cost more. you just got to demo them and
5:35 am
start over. they're too far gone. the people doing the inspections, they have to come around. we got marked as red, we have no structure damage. we're calling the building department to come back down to see if they'll come and reevaluate the structure. >> they have to rip it apart, take it apart and all my stuff is still inside but i can't get it out. i'm stuck. >> steve: what they're talking about is the city has decided what they're going to do is simply going to bulldoze hundreds of homes because the city feels that they are so dangerous for whatever reason, unfortunately, a number of people don't even know that their homes are about to be bulldozed and they haven't gotten their stuff out. >> alisyn: if you don't have power, it's hard to hear the news bulletins with your homes. it seems they have tagged about 200 homes already. we heard from some people who say it's a random process. they think their house could be salvaged and doesn't need to be dull posed. >> brian: some of the leadership in new york has not been easy.
5:36 am
25 minutes before the top of the hour. the big question in washington this week, who changed the white house talking points on libya, taking terror out of the picture? >> i know the narrative was wrong and the intelligence was right. >> we are going to find out who made changes in the original statement. until we do, i really think it's your honor warrant to do make accusations. >> alisyn: senator kelly ayotte, a republican from new hampshire and a member of the armed services committee, is teaming up with senators john mccain and lindsey graham hoping to get to the bottom of this. she have joins us now. good morning, senator. >> good morning. >> alisyn: so so many lawmakers were out in full force this weekend speaking on the sunday shows. did you get any closer to the answers? >> deeply troubling. we know that general petraeus testified that they knew it was a terrorist attack right away, that al-qaeda was involved and that that was removed, those references were removed from the talking points apparently provided to susan rice, that she
5:37 am
testified that she talked about five days after the attack on every major news network. but here is what's more troubling. it wasn't just susan rice who did that. if you recall, the president went not only on letterman, univision, the day after the cbs interview and 14 days later before the united nations, he did not call it a terrorist attack, nor did he reference it as connected to al-qaeda or an al-qaeda affiliated group. in fact, the only reference he made to al-qaeda in that u.n. speech to the world was that al-qaeda had been weakened and osama bin laden was dead. so i think this raises additional questions. it goes beyond ambassador rice. first of all, why were the talking points changed? it doesn't make any sense to me that we were trying to dupe al-qaeda that. doesn't pass the laugh test. buff also why was the president out 14 days later and still fail to go call it a terrorist attack to the world? >> steve: absolutely. because we don't know a lot of what is told by the intelligence
5:38 am
community to the president of the united states, but we understand that 72 hours after the attack the presidential daily briefing, which tells the president about all the stuff that's going on, and it's classified, said just that. it wasn't spontaneous, and that it apparently had ties to that al-qaeda affiliate. so the president knew, even though he was out saying something else. >> i think it's deeply troubling, we got to get to the bottom of it. we have to assume he's receiving the classified information and we have no know why were the talking points changed? we certainly couldn't be trying to dupe al-qaeda. let's not forget that within hours, there were e-mails sent from the state department that answer al-shariah had claimed responsibility on facebook and twitter. so we certainly weren't fooling them. so these are serious questions that we have to get to the bottom of. by the way, we can't forget the big picture question. first of all, two prior attacks on that consulate. did the president know about those attacks? why didn't that conflict get
5:39 am
reinforced? why didn't we leave like the british and the french did to make sure that our people were protected? those are the really important questions that have to be answered. >> brian: senator, the other question that no one brings up is what about the guys that did this? have they been brought to justice? have they been droned yet or had a book ex plod in their face? why haven't we gotten their names? why are they drinking at a luxury, having a great time at a luxury hotel? meanwhile we know they're suspect number one. >> that's one of the reasons why i called for the establishment of a senate select committee. we need to get to the bottom of this. clear picture, not this stove pipe investigation we see happening right now in congress. we want to make sure we get the full picture. we also need to hold those responsible that murdered our brave americans. this is so important and we can't lose sight of the big picture here and making sure this doesn't happen again. >> brian: right. those deputies that changed those talking points and
5:40 am
meanwhile, the unclassified ones are total fiction. the nonfiction are classified. why can't the american people find out the truth? that's more than a little bit insulting. >> you know, i think it really -- they think we're that stupid to think we were trying o dupe al-qaeda by not telling the american people the true? we've got to get to the bottom of this. again, i hope there is a complete investigation. i have think a full committee that isn't this various committees looking at this. we need a full select committee to look at this. can be bipartisan. we got to get to the bottom of it. this is so important. this could happen again if we don't get to the bottom of it to make sure. we know that al-qaeda is on the rise around the world. that's part of the bigger problem here. >> steve: indeed. senator ayotte joining us from new hampshire, thank you for joining us during thanksgiving week. >> thank you for having me. >> steve: you bet. >> alisyn: more to tell you about, twinkie, hostess, could be bought by a mexican business. the world's largest bread baking
5:41 am
firm is eyeing buying the defunct brand of hostess and the first step in that sale takes place in a few hours when hostess appears in bankruptcy court to sell off its assets. hostess said it had no chase but to close up after striking union workers refused to return to work. jalapeno? >> steve: adios. >> brian: i'm so confused. single dad of leading his two kids honor students on a string of heists. police arrested ronald scott cat and his 20-year-old son in connection with an armed hole-up outside houston while his 18-year-old daughter was caught driving the get away car. both children lost their mom at a young age. they robbed as many as five banks in oregon before moving to texas. >> it's a complete shock. when we were here, we didn't suspect them. they were solid community members. >> brian: surveillance video did them in when they were found buying disguise at home depot.
5:42 am
>> steve: since when do they sell disguises at home depot? >> brian: i don't know. i can't find the paint. >> steve: did you see the mustache on the guy? where is the mustache department? meanwhile, remember when president obama made this programs to veterans? >> no veteran should have to wait months or years for the benefits you've earned, so we will continue to attack the claims backlog. we won't let up. >> steve: that sounds good. but despite that pledge to speed things up, the number of veterans waiting for claims to be covered has doubled. earlier on this program an arm veteran who served three tours in iraq, outraged it wasn't fixed ages ago. >> it's the new normal because there is really no more money to hire more people. doesn't seem like they're streamlining systems like they should be. everything is on paper still. every time i have to go into an employment, i have to city take a stack of papers and show it to every doctor before i do get an appointment and that's rare. >> steve: the veterans affairs
5:43 am
department insists it has a plan that will reduce the backlog. hurry. >> alisyn: check out this awesome video. a group of friends jumping off a roof into a huge pile of leaves -- >> steve: oh, my goodness! >> brian: where are they crazy? >> alisyn: this is exactly 17 feet high, weighs 0,000 pounds. the group went around their hometown of logan, utah, and collected 1,462 trash bags and dumped them all in one friend's backyard. >> brian: doesn't anyone have homework? straight ahead, live pictures coming up right now of buildings on fire in gaza. we are live on the ground with the very latest. >> steve: then a soldier brings an entire stadium to its feet. that soldier just home from afghanistan to see his family, here live next follow the wings.
5:44 am
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>> brian: quick headlines. shocking study about steroids. pediatrics journal finds kids as young as 14 are taking them to bulk up. out of near will he 2800 students, 6% of kids and 5% of girls said they took steroids. wal-mart is warning its workers don't walk out on black friday. they filed a complaint accusing one of its country's largest labor unions of illegally organizing strikes to force the company into collective bargaining. if there is a walkout, wal-mart says it will still be well staffed. >> steve: all right. a fox news alert. you're looking live at the border between israel and gaza where a building, as you can see on the gaza side, is right now on fire. israel reportedly on the verge of sending soldiers into gaza and escalate things.
5:48 am
earlier this morning, here on "fox & friends," leeland vittert was caught in the middle of a rocket attack at a school in southern israel. here is what happened. watch. >> okay. we got the sirens going. we got the sirens going. we're going to keep going. this area was hit once before. we're going to keep moving. we're going to grab this. and run to a shelter. obviously this is a school. now we're going to run into a shelter. you see everybody running in. we've got the israeli soldiers. he's coming this way. here is the air raid shelter inside. come on. we're getting inside. all the way inside. this is the school that was hit before. this is where israeli students would be hiding if, of course, they had been in school. today was a rocket day. we just heard the explosions overhead. of course, we saw the damage that occurred earlier from the
5:49 am
rockets coming in. that was really close. those seconds when the sirens are going off are just awful. you can seat anxiety on everyone's face in here. knowing that you have no idea what's going to happen next. you hear the sirens go off and then you think to yourself for 20 or 30 seconds, what's going to happen? is the rocket going to come here? is it going to land far away? >> alisyn: terrifying. >> steve: absolutely is. there you can see a live picture. they're talking over there. right now you're looking live as the hamas leader is holding a news conference following talks with egyptian president morsi and other officials on the situation in gaza. they do not want it to escalate, but they've got to stop the rocket attacks. >> alisyn: we're so grateful to leeland for giving us that firsthand account. it really tells us what it's like for all the people in southern israel. >> steve: i wish he would leave the helmet on. just leave it on. meanwhile, when we come back, the soldier who brought an entire stadium to its feet, you
5:50 am
will meet him when he joins ali next live. look at those kids. >> alisyn: let's check in with martha mccallum. >> so we are going to talk about the fireworks that are going off over benghazi right now as an issue. will susan rice have to testify about those infamous talking points? and the gop in iowa is the ground game for 2016 already in the works? we are back in our news studio and it looks great. bill and i will see you right here at the top of the hour begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8.
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>> alisyn: these two north carolina boys thought they lucked out by taking part in a half time contest at an eastern eastern carolina football game.
5:54 am
little did they know their big prize would be seeing their marine father home for the first time in five months. >> special treat for you as well. today coming in from afghanistan. [ cheering ] >> alisyn: gunnery sergeant josh is a 12-year service veteran and been serve not guilty afghanistan. he joins us now with his two sons noah, who is ten, and elijah, who is eight. welcome. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> hi. >> alisyn: great to see you guys. soldier, tell us the back story of how you were able to hide for a night and surprise your boys on the field that day. >> yes, ma'am. well, i got back that friday and we sent the kids to a friend's house so that they could sleep over because the next morning they were going to go with their football team to the ecu game.
5:55 am
>> alisyn: that's great. that's where you sprang the big surprise on them. so noah, what did you think you were doing out on the field? >> i thought i was just throwing a ball through the circle for a football team. >> alisyn: right. then we're watching here on the other side of the screen what happened the moment you saw your dad. elijah, what was that moment like? what was going through your head? >> i just wanted to -- it was like -- what was going through my head was that i really wished he was there and that i wished he was there. >> alisyn: we understand. then he was there! noah, what was it like the moment you saw him? >> i was so surprised, i didn't know he was there. >> alisyn: i can tell. that is so sweet. sergeant, what's it going to be like to be home for
5:56 am
thanksgiving? >> i'm very thankful to be home for thanksgiving. i was glad to make it here for that. that was a big goal of mine, to hopefully be back in time for the holidays. >> alisyn: elijah, what do the other kids at school say to you about this? >> they were saying that you're lucky that you got to be on tv! and they were like, come on! i really wanted to be on tv! >> alisyn: leave it to them to show their priorities. it was great, guys. great to meet you. that was a heart warming moment. all of us enjoyed it here on "fox & friends." sergeant and noah and elijah, have a great thanksgiving. we really appreciate you coming in. >> thank you, you, too. >> thank you. >> alisyn: take care. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. >> a special treat for you as well. today, coming in from afghanistan. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. [ cheering ]
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